There’s been some criticisms about the humor in this film. Yes, there are a lot of funny lines and light moments, but overall I enjoyed them all.

(though personally, I think they went a bit too far in a scene with Thor, having been captured by the Grandmaster, is strapped into a chair that restrains his arms and legs, forcing him to watch an intense visual display as he takes a ride toward the Grandmaster’s chambers.

The visual show is backed by loud announcements that Thor, now a prisoner, should enjoy his new life and that there is no going back to where he came from. The music playing in the background of this scene is a variation of “Pure Imagination,” originally sung by actor Gene Wilder from the classic film,”Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”.)
But as I sat down to draw this, I’m reminded by all the death in this film. Without giving anything away, in lesser hands, with a story like this that includes a humongous battle for the future of Asgard and all their people, it would have been 2 hours of moody depression. But, thanks to the humor, it offsets the dire consequences making for one hell of a fun movie.