Since I was laid off from K’NEX in January of 2015 my job search has never been restricted just to the Philadelphia area. I’ve looked in other cities and areas as well. In the late spring I had a possible job interview for a company in California and last November I did accept a position with Plow & Hearth which is located in Madison, Virginia (and as I stated before, in various comics, that full time opportunity became a 5 month contract when they decided, due to a bad 2016, to not add any new employees).

I believe one reason why I haven’t gotten many responses from these long distant job openings that I’ve applied to is that they’re less apt tp go through the hiring prospect with a person who may request dome sort of relocation package.

Since I have an address that I know I’ll be able to stay at, temporarily (my mom’s house) in the Pittsburgh area, that city would be the easiest for me to move to and start working right away.