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Daily Comic Journal: June 5, 2014: “Come Find Me When You Wake Up!”


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  1. Sorry you weren’t a fan. I absolutely LOVED this movie, though I admit it did suffer from the detriments you mentioned. I adored the relationship between the characters of Cruise and Emily Blunt, and how it developed on his side while she started from scratch with every reset. And I didn’t notice at first, but somewhere else it was stated that it was refreshing to see Cruise not play a bad-ass, but actually a bit of a coward, and that’s true. He’s forced into this situation, unsuited to the position in which the movie takes him, and that lends itself well to both the story and the humorous aspects therein. It’s so unlike most of the characters he plays, whereas the ‘Tom Cruise’ persona is merely the bull$#!*ing side of this guy. That really worked for me.

    Do I think it could have been better? Sure. Like you said, the ending is more than a bit of a cop-out, but then again I’m not sure I could have been happy with it if they HADN’T gone that direction, either. Basically, the film wrote itself into a corner and had to Deus Ex Machina a way out. But up until then I was good. But what I really would have liked was some more attention given to the side characters, especially the ragtag bunch of soldiers Cruise ends up with. There was a lot of unused potential there, especially since the movie had a bit of a dark comedic edge to it. That’s my opinion, anyway.

  2. admin Aug 9th 2014


    The cop out ending is what really dampened my feelings towards this film. That and I came up with a better ending after leaving the theater, When the final explosion with the main alien went off I thought it would be more interesting if one of the supporting grunts, one of the regular soldiers had gained the groundhog ability, and when they reset for the final time, that grunt would be the only person who knew what really happened.

    Just think of it, Tom Cruise’s character would have still saved the world but he wouldn’t know it. He’d still be a coward and he and Emily Blunt would never get together. A downer of ending? I don’t know. The world would be saved and it took a coward to make the ultimate sacrifice to make that happen.

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