If you’d like to read specific years you can start reading each year at the following links:

2010 – I began my comics this year and to be truthful a lot of these early ones are pretty sloppy. BUT – this year I was involved in a car accident, my Uncle Al died as did my cat Oscar.

• 2011 – Was a roller coaster year. There was the good; I adopted Two Kittens and fell in love with Maria. But this year also was the year my father passed away.

• 2012 – Started well, but by the summer my heart was broken and I had to dive back into the dating worldagain and again.

• 2013 – Began with the completed construction of my new Sun Room, had a colonoscopy and tried running for 365 straight days.

• 2014 – I met a woman who I thought might be the one, started playing Quizzo and began to be betrayed at work.

• 2015 – This year, well, it may well be the worst of my life.